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Mount Two or Three LNBFs on One Dish!Multi Mount LNBF

GeoSatpro Adjustable Offset LNBF Mount on 1.8MAdd multiple LNBFs to any dish. View programming from two, three or more satellites with a single dish! Mount two brackets for up to 20+ degrees of coverage without moving the dish. Note: Most 40mm LNBFs allow reception of satellites spaced as close as 4 degrees. Reception of multiple satellites spaced less than 4 degrees may be possible with reduced signal quality.


Add a GEOSATpro switch, program the receiver for the additional satellite then instantly and seamlessly switch between channels on different satellites. Fits popular dishes including GEOSATpro, Winegard, Fortec Star, SatRadar and most other brands. Accepts any 23mm or 40mm LNBFs.

GeoSynchronous Satellite Chart North AmericaLNBF Setting -

Geosynchronous communication satellites orbit the earth approximately 23,000 miles above the equator. From your install location, this arc of satellites follows a curve starting on the Eastern horizon, rising to the highest point directly South, then sloping to the Western horizon. It is important to note in dual satellite reception systems,both LNBFs must be placed in an exact position for the reflected satellite signals to be directed into the LNBF feed horns. If you are aiming at satellites located directly South of your install location, the two satellites will be located at a similar elevation. Both LNBFs will be installed at the same level and the individual LNBF Rotations (SKEW) will be set near the straight up 12 o’clock (zero) position.

Geosychronous Orbit Chart East Coast North AmericaSkew Angle Setting East Coast North America

When the two satellite locations are to the East or West of your install location, the two satellites will be at different elevation angles. When the install location is east of the satellite location, the offset AMC 4 LNBF bracket will be bent upwards to capture the second satellite. This angle is approximately the same as the LNBF Rotation Angle (SKEW) settings either provided with your Glorystar System or available on the internet at Each individual LNBF Rotation (SKEW) is initially rotated to a positive, Counter Clock-wise (left turn), while standing in front of the dish looking into the reflector, to match the approximate LNBF rotation (SKEW) settings. Reference an angle finder or mechanical compass when bending the Offset LNBF Bracket to the specified angle.

Geosychronous Orbit Chart West Coast North AmericaSkew Setting West Coast North America

For install locations West of the satellite location, the Offset AMC 4 LNBF bracket will be bent down and the individual LNBF Rotation is set to the negative, clockwise (right turn) position.

Download - Glorystar Adjustable Offset Bracket Installation and Aiming Guide - English (PDF)



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