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Product Overview

 Glorystar Three Room System with three HDVR3500 Receivers    

The Glorystar Three Room Satellite System with three HDVR3500 receivers provides the ultimate convenience in viewing and recording options! Watch TV and listen to radio stations the way that you want on three independent receivers. DVR stands for Digital Video Recorder. Pause and replay live programming or record your favorite programs with perfect digital reproduction. No more puzzling over the VCR record menus, watching blurry pictures, and fumbling with bulky videotapes. Don't miss your favorite shows. Watch them at your convenience, whenever you want!

All Glorystar systems now include DVR functionality and recording capabilities. However, the Glorystar Three Room System does not include any internal recording storage. Glorystar offers 64Gb of internal storage (approximately 64 hours of recording) as an upgrade for only $70 for three receivers. Each HDVR3500 receiver is capable of recording up to 8000 hours of TV programming (an additional external USB drive can be added to achieve maximize recording storage.)

You may select the recording storage option that best fits your preferences before you add this system to your cart and complete your order. 

Glorystar Offers the Most Christian Channels

The Glorystar Satellite System gives you absolutely FREE access to over 80 Christian Television and Radio channels with one satellite dish and three receivers with no monthly fees or service charges! The exclusive Glorystar automatic channel updating feature makes sure that you are always receiving all available channels. New channels are automatically added to your receiver without any complicated programming in the menus or expensive service calls by local installers.

Why pay your local cable company or satellite company a monthly subscription charge to receive only a few Christian channels when you can enjoy Glorystar's Christian, faith-based digital television and radio channels for FREE directly from the satellite. More Christian channels are available from Glorystar Satellite Systems than from any other provider!

If you have access to high speed internet at your home, you can also connect your new GEOSATpro HDVR3500 receivers via Ethernet or configure Wi-Fi (wirelessly) and you will be able to watch additional FREE Christian Channels via IPTV. To access Internet channels, just press IPTV button on your remote. 

Exceptional Customer Service

The step-by-step installation guide, three pre-programmed satellite receivers and the install supplies kit makes the installation simple. Only the highest quality equipment is chosen for a Glorystar Satellite System. We proudly partner with the world's leading manufacturers to insure that your equipment quality exceeds other equipment available. Our exclusive one-box shipping solution, via FedEx Ground, provides safe and timely delivery of your equipment.

 Glorystar also provides one year of unlimited telephone support by our trained in-house technicians at no additional charge! Technicians are available to assist you with any installation or operation questions. All factory warranty support is processed by Glorystar technicians if your equipment requires attention.

 The Glorystar Satellite Systems feature some of the most advanced Satellite and IPTV receivers available in the world! The GEOSATpro HDVR3500 model is one of the most dependable and feature packed models available and offers advanced recording features.  The Glorystar High Definition DVR receiver supports recording up to 8000 hours with connection of optional external larger hard drives. 

 Simple set-up screen and Signal meter makes installation easy! New channels are added automatically! Time is automatically set via the satellite or internet. Closed captioning support for hearing impaired viewers. Fast and reliable channel selection. Automatic updates will also provide additional promotion and information channels exclusive to Glorystar viewers. Learn about the newest channels, upcoming special programming and equipment specials only available with a Glorystar approved GEOSATpro receiver

Installations are easy with Signal Level and Quality meters for aiming. An advanced signal meter shows instantaneous signal changes as the dish is adjusted! No long wait times for the receiver to lock onto a signal. A convenient signal button on the remote allows instant access to the signal meter at anytime.

 Superb picture quality supports both analog and new digital televisions with HDMI or composite connections allowing the best quality video on any TV or monitor. Clear, crisp, high fidelity audio is available through the optical SPDIF output and RCA outputs. You will not find a receiver packed with these incredible features anywhere!

 If your television set is older model or only has a single coaxial antenna connection, please purchase a WS007 CHANNEL 3/4 RF MODULATOR (click here), that will allow you to connect any new equipment to older television sets.


 Why Purchase a Glorystar Satellite System?

The most Christian channels available, highest quality future proof equipment, proven reliability and exceptional value. It's all included in a Glorystar Christian Satellite System.

We test and verify every receiver before we ship it out to our customers to insure it is performing according to it's design:

  • We verify video and audio output
  • We verify reception of vertical and horizontal channels
  • We test all USB ports



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