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Product Overview

SL1PLL  -  World's First PLL Standard LO LNBF

Introducing the revolutionary GEOSATproSL1PLL - The World's only Standard type LNBF with PLL circuitry. Now a home viewer has access to a quality professional grade LNBF! The SL1PLL is the perfect replacement LNBF for any Glorystar, FTA, hobbyist or commercial system.

GEOSATpro has partnered with a leading LNB manufacturer to design and produce another first for the satellite industry. The SL1PLL may be the last LNBF that you will ever need to purchase! Why do we make this claim?  What makes this LNBF so unique and special? PLL (Phase Locked Loop) LNBs are typically only found in high end commercial systems and historically cost 10, 20 or even 30 times or more than the LNBFs produced for the residential customers. The SL1PLL is a breakthrough LNBF, built with the highest grade materials and the latest RDA chipset and PCB technology. Recent technology allow for cost effective production of PLL LNBFs with lower current draws, lower heat generation, lower internal noise generation and increased performance. 

The SL1PLL has been designed to meet the requirements for commercial applications and the most demanding satellite hobbyist. Reliable reception of digital HD MPEG4 channels with low symbol rates or high FEC requires an LNBF that excels in several performance benchmarks. The SL1PLL has exceptional flat gain across the 11.7 - 12.2GHz frequency range, features an excellent phase noise rating with low internal noise generation during signal conversion / amplification and stable frequency tuning for narrow bandwidth signals.

Regular LNBFs are designed to last only five to seven years. Slowly, a typical DRO LNBF loses performance as the mechanically tuned frequencies slowly drift until one day the receiver is no longer capable of tuning the satellite channels. PLL LNBFs do not rely on a mechanical tuning slug that may shift off frequency due to physical damage or aging. PLL LNBFs have an internal crystal oscillator that will remain tuned exactly on frequency even in the harshest the environmental conditions. 

Most LNBFs are not UV rated to protect against prolonged exposure to the sun. Often, the LNBF's white cap becomes brittle and cracks after just a few years and the feedhorn fills with water damaging or shorting out the electronics.  The SL1 PLL LNBF feedhorn cap and the case will not fail as it has been tested and proven to resist the effects of 15 years of extreme 24/7 UV exposure! This is equal to over 30 years exposure mounted on a satellite dish!

SL1PLL LNBFs are factory tested and warranted to be completely WaterProof. This means that the SL1PLL LNBF has been completely immersed in water for a ten minute test to insure proper assembly, fitting and component integrity. Most LNBFs are only water resistant or water shielded and are not tested to provide years of continued operation in the most extreme environments.

If you are not completely satisfied with the performance of the GEOSATpro SL1PLL, we will promptly refund you for your SL1 PLL purchase!  We are that confident!

GEOSATpro  SL1PLL  Product Specifications

Frequency Range 11.7 - 12.2GHz
IF Range 950 - 1450MHz
LO Frequency 10750MHz
LO Drift +/-300KHz (max)
LO Phase Noise -70dBc/Hz@1KHz
LO Spurious Noise -50dBc
Noise Figure 0.5dB@25°c
Conversion Gain 60dB
Gain Variation 2dB
Gain Flatness 0.55dB/27MHz
Image Rejection 42dB
Isolation 22dB
P1dB 1.5dBm
Output VSWR 1.5:1
Polarization Switch V = 12 - 15vdc
  H = 17 - 20vdc
DC Current Draw 160mA (max)
Temperature Range -30°c - +60°c
FD Ratio
.5 - .6
UV Rating 15 years
Waterproof Test 60°c@10 minutes (min)

Bulk Quantity Shipping Information:
 Product provided in bulk form 100 units per carton.
Carton Weight: 24.5lbs., Carton Size: 17" x 15" x 14"


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